Moosehide Eagle Design Mittens Size: XS


Moose Mitt Eagle XS

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Eric Parnell is a Canadian, Native Art artist. His artistic heritage as a member of the Eagle clan of British Columbia’s Haida Nation goes back many centuries. Eric describes himself as “self-taught,” saying that “books were my teachers”.

The eagle is known as a spiritual guide and symbolizes a connection to a higher realm. The Eagle posesses strength of character, courage and healing powers. Loyalty is a strong trait in the eagle, as they mate for life.

Detail is of the essence when it comes to our embroidery of the Eagle and the Feather. The precision is meticulous, as the artworks final presentation is flawless.

The moosehide leather has come from local hunters and tanned at a local tannery.

Created by Hides and Hand

Size: XS


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