Peterson Field Guide to Animal Tracks


Peterson Field Guide to Animal

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Roger Tory Peterson’s unique identification system explains exactly what features to look for to tell one species from another. In each Peterson Field Guide, an author with expertise in the subject and an experienced artist work closely with the editors to ensure that both text and illustrations are accurate. This edition includes 100 colour photographs of tracks and signs, more than 1000 line drawings, and nomenclature for all the mammals of North America. The text includes descriptions of habits, habitats, tracks, signs and ranges, and is fulled with wonderful natural history stories. Olaus J. Murie, on of America’s leading mammalogists, has completed fieldwork throughout the United States and Canada, from Labrador to the Aleutain Islands, with special concentration in the Northwest. He wrote The Elk of North America and many articles on natural history. Mark Elbroch is the author of several tracking guides, including two award-winning books, Mammal Tracks and Signs: A Guide to North American Species. He has contributed to numerous North American research projects, from monitoring bears to capturing cougars to inventorying carnivores in dry tropical forests.

Written by Olaus Johan Murie, Mark Elbroch and Roger Tory Peterson


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