ANGKOR: The Lost Empire of Cambodia


Companion catalogue to the exhibition Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia 

This catalogue features photographs, artworks and original artifacts from ancient Angkor which are displayed in the feature exhibition visiting the Royal Alberta Museum this February.

The great temple complex of Angkor stands among the most remarkable achievements in human history, embodying feats of architecture and engineering that remain unmatched even today, eight centuries after the pinnacle of its glory.  The awe-inspiring collection of hundreds of temples – including Angkor Wat – has fascinated countless generations of locals, visitors, pilgrims and scholars, and our understanding of Angkor and its vast empire is constantly evolving.  Today, it is a vibrant, living, heritage landscape inhabited by the descendants of those who built Angkor, the Khmer people, who maintain the temple complex as an active place of worship even as it draws millions of visitors a year


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