Botany Experimental Greenhouse Science Kit by Thames & Kosmos


Botany-exp. Greenhouse

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Learn about plants and seeds by conducting experiments in a specially designed botanical laboratory with greenhouse domes.

Budding botanists will love getting their hands dirty in this unique biological science experiment kit!

Assemble the domed greenhouses, complete with thermometers and ventilation. Construct an automatic watering system to keep your plants from getting too thirsty. Grow beans, cress, zinnia flowers, and learn how each plant has different needs.

Experiment with plant cells and capillary action. Learn how roots work to transport water and nutrients throughout a plant. Conduct experiments that demonstrate how plants need water, light and heat to grow.

Discover the strength of a bean and how leaves sweat. See why grass grows back after it is cut and how cuttings can grow roots. Germinate fruit and vegetable plants from the seeds in your kitchen.

Grow a flower garden. Make tiny plaster bugs to decorate your garden. Collect seeds with your socks, and grow a funny grass head. Make leaf and bark rubbings. Learn how you can force budded branches to bloom in the winter.

With a 48-page, full color illustrated guidebook, this kit teaches botany fundamentals with step-by-step instructions for the hands-on experiments as well as growing information for many common plants.

Ages 5+


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