Canadian Rockies: Geology Road Tours


Canadian Rockies Geology Road

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The first printing of this book was sold out in a year. It was reprinted in 2009, with a number of worthwhile updates and corrections. Ben has been asked many times to write a book like this, and here it is: a guide to the geology you see along all the major highways of the Canadian Rockies, from the Waterton area to the far northern end of the Rockies. The Trans-Canada Highway, Icefields Parkway, Crowsnest and Yellowhead routes, the Rockies portion of the Alaska Highway and more are all covered in loving detail, with minimal geo-jargon. Over 500 illustrations, including many annotated photos with the various rock units, folds and faults marked. GPS waypoints, too! Endorsed by professionals and suitable for field courses.

Written by Ben Gadd


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