Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands


Dinosaurs of Alberta

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In Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands, paleontologist Dr. Persons travels back in time 76 million years to the Late Cretaceous period, when pterosaurs soared through the skies, prehistoric sea monsters as long as school buses swam in Alberta’s shallow sea, and ankylosaurs and ceratopsians roamed the swamps and flood plains that would eventually become the badlands of today.

Meet the terrifying Albertosaurus, a relative of Tyrannosaurus, and the plant-eating, duck-billed Edmontosaurus. Bet on the winner of a race between a tyrannosaur and a hadrosaur―who’s quick and deadly, who’s slow and steady? Explore some of Alberta’s most notable dig sites, including the Danek Bonebed, and learn how fossils form and what paleontologists do when they find them. And discover dinosaurs’ avian legacy and Alberta’s official provincial “dinosaur” – the great horned owl.

Featuring paleoart by Julius Csotonyi, over seventy-five photos and illustrations, and profiles of leading paleontologists, Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands showcases Alberta’s prehistoric beasts, not as participants in a parade of isolated monsters, but as animals adapted to be part of a long-lost ecosystem.

Written by Dr. W Scott Persons IV


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