Great Canadian Animal Stories: Sixteen Stories by Sixteen Masters


Great Canadian Animal Stories

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Courage, Loyalty, Devotion. Somehow these traits are fiercer and purer among non-human animals. In Great Canadian Animal Stories sixteen masters of storytelling, keen observers either of nature of their own animal companions, conjure with tales that bring their experiences vividly to life.

Two dogs and a cat embark upon an incredible journey; a son of the deer people helps humans seize fire from the wolves; a friendship develops between a blind man and a ruffled grouse;a beaver transforms a cabin into a hutch for the winter; a dog demonstrates remarkable ingenuity in retrieving a bird for its master; a horse with an attitude refuses to quit; and skunk wars are entered into against the sage advice of a man who knows better than to fool with Lord Stripes.

Often heart-warming and sometimes tragic, these stories explore the lives and lore of all kinds of animals.


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