The Intrepid Explorer: James Hector’s Explorations in the Canadian Rockies


Intrepid Explorers

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Years before the railway, and with only a network of ramshackle forts to support them, James Hector and his colleagues braved harsh winters, hot summers, unpredictable wildlife, personal conflict, and Native war parties to scout routes through the Rocky Mountains, often with only their wits to keep them alive. The Intrepid Explorer tells the story of the famous Palliser Expedition from the point-of-view of one of its most remarkable members as he looks back on his life during one final visit to Canada in 1903. By the end of his life Sir James Hector had become a world-renowned geologist and explorer, but it was for his exploration of the Rockies that Hector was best remembered.

Written by Ernie Lakusta


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