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We interviewed our friend at the RAM Shop: Lisa from Métisgirl beads, to hear her perspectives on beading, what it means to be a Métis artist and where to get orange shirts for Truth and Reconciliation Day.

Lisa was one of the first Indigenous artists we worked with when we opened the new Museum Shop in 2018. She’s been an amazing resource to me and it’s been fun to see her work flow and evolve as her interests and skills changed over the years. When we first met, she was working full-time and beading when she could to help put her oldest son and husband through university. Now her son has graduated, her husband is almost done and her youngest son is just starting! We look forward to working with Lisa for many years to come.

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Introducing Lisa Ladoucer:

Tân’si nitôtem’tik. Lisa nit’sihkâson, amiskwahci’waskihkan ekwa Lac La Biche ohci niya. Wanda nikâwiy, nîya okâwîmâw ekwa Wil niwikimakan. nîstanân nêso awâsisak nitayâwânak nikosisan Jaryd ekwa nikosisan Braydin Hello, my friends. My name is Lisa, I am from Edmonton and Lac La Biche. Wanda is my mother, I am a mother and Wil is my spouse. We have two children. Our son Jaryd and our son Braydin. It is important to me that I start learning, and start to feel comfortable introducing myself in nêhiyawêwin (cree), nicâpân & kôhkom first language. To me, beads are a self-expression of my heritage and culture, which I never want to be lost again in my family. Beading is a beautiful ceremony and one I intend to honour. I’m a self-taught beader, and this is my journey. I am glad you have come along with me. Kinanâskomitin – Thank you

Instagram @Métisgirlbeads


What does it mean to you to be a Métis artist?

It’s about reclaiming my culture. Nobody beaded in my family except my Mushum (grandfather) who passed when I was 6 months old. I wanted to reclaim this for my family.

Where did you learn to bead? And what’s your favorite thing to make?

I learned to bead on Youtube because it wasn’t passed down to me. It was kind of taboo, you didn’t acknowledge who you were.

When I was little, I remember my mom had a beaded loom necklace with her name on it that my Mushum had made her. It was on the dresser in her room, by the only telephone where you could have a private conversation in our house. If I was on the phone, I was always playing with it, touching the beads, rolling the beads. I was so in love with it and always wanted to learn how to bead

What is your favorite thing to make right now? And what’s your favorite all-time thing you made?

Currently moon phase fringe earring. All time favorite are my metis sashes.  

half moon earrings
sash earrings

Who are some of your favorite Indigenous artists right now?

Jshine: @jshinedesigns

Indigenousnouveau @indigenousnouveau

Green Indigenous – Strategic Plan Tshirt

Nipin Apparel

Talk to me about non-Indigenous folks wearing your beadwork.

I love when non-Indigenous folks buy and purchase my beadwork and wear it. We need more allies in this world. When they purchase from authentic indigenous artisans, they are the best allies.

We put together a reading list for Orange Shirt Day – any books come to mind?

from the ashes
braiding sweetgrass
little you

How can kids support reconciliation?

With classmates and community. Kids are so honest. Being supported to be their true kind selves, they are our future leaders.

Would you like to comment on the work you do at the University?

I am the transitioner program administrator. It’s my job to help support First Nations, Métis and Inuit students in a program that helps with access when the students don’t maybe meet the GPA requirements or if they are course deficient. We throw a ton of supports around them, tutoring, elders, anything they need to thrive. Then they can carry on to their faculty route, some amazing students have come out of it. Lot of success stories, including a student who now teaches at the University!

Where do you recommend picking up an Orange Shirt this year?

Find Lisa’s work at the Museum Shop:

metisgirlbeads red sash earrings
kohkum scrunchies
strawberry earrings

Visit us In store: Wednesday-Sunday from 10:30am-4pm

Check us out on Instagram @royalalbertamuseumshop

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