Over and Under the Pond


Over and Under the Pond

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A secret underwater world brought to life: In this book, readers will discover the plants and animals that make up the rich, interconnected ecosystem of a mountain pond. Over the pond, the water is a mirror, reflecting the sky. But under the water is a hidden world of minnows darting, beavers diving, and tadpoles growing. These secrets and many others are waiting to be discovered.over and under the pond.

-An entertaining and educational look at the beauty the ecosystem has to offer. Stunning illustrations paired with an easy-to-follow story line make this a great read for any early elementary school student

-Includes a glossary of animals that live in, near, and around the mountain pond to enrich the reading experience

-Inspires a love of nature and encourages young minds to explore the world around them

Written by Kate Messner and Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal


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