Maxine Noel Strong Women Together Artwork Notecards


Strong Women Notecards

Maxine spent her early childhood on her mother’s reserve, but at age six left to attend an Indian residential school. Since her early days Maxine has mastered the skills of painting and drawing plus the processes of serigraphy, etching and stone lithography. She has received excellent response to her work and is now able to devote herself full-time to the creation of art. She signs her artwork with her Sioux name IOYAN MANI which translated to “Walk Beyond”.

Cultural Background: Santee Oglala Sioux, Manitoba

These beautifully designed, blank inside, notecards are perfect for celebrating any occasion (or simply a delightful thank you note) and make a lovely art piece worth framing.

6 designs, 12 cards

Created by Canadian Art Prints


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