The Scoop on Poop


The Scoop on Poop

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Did you know:

Elephants poop enough to fill the trunk of a family car…every day?

Fossilized poop is called coprolite and scientists have found coprolites even older than the dinosaurs?

Termite colonies use their own poop to help build castles as tall as a house?

Children will be fascinated to find out that some wild animals eat their dung, others use it to send messages or mark their territory, and some even squirt it on themselves to cool off!

Filled with amazing facts, animal stories, and colour photographs, the Scoop on Poop will change the way you look at droppings forever. So join Dr. Lynch as he dishes out the scoop on poop, facts on feces, tips on turds, data on dung, and the goods on guano.

Written by Wayne Lynch


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