Totem: Spirit Animals of Ancient Civilizations



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Ancient cultures regarded animals as emblems of power and magic. An array of animals helped shape entire societies and religions. Now, this boldly inventive book helps young readers grasp just how important animals were to those that came before us. Each civilization is depicted in double-page spreads that feature captivating drawings alongside informative texts. As readers travel from culture to culture, they will learn the ways animals have been worshiped, feared, and mythologized. They can explore how Native Americans believed eagles had control over nature, how Greek gods turned themselves into animals, why oxen are considered holy in India, and what dogs meant to the Inuit. From ancient Persia and Japan to Viking and Mayan civilizations, this absorbing book combines art, mythology, and natural history to shine a light on the vital interplay between human and animal. Enlightening and world-expanding, this book will change the way kids think of the animals who share our planet.
Written by Mia Cassany and Illustrated by Nacho Eterno


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