Who Is Boo 3: The Spectacular Adventures of One Trickster Rabbit


who is boo 3

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Who Is Boo? is a children’s book series that chronicles a perpetually curious rabbit, on his continuous race around the world with his brother .

Along the way, Boo meets many animals.

The title character is inspired by trickster characters prevalent in all ethnicities.

The first of a series of adventure stories about this fleet-footed rabbit, ‘Boo’ is about curiosity that leads to wonderment that leads to helpfulness! In a world that runs the risk of become more disconnected (even though there is an abundance of social networking), it’s about stopping, connecting, and helping those we meet on our way. The show (and the launch of the book) happened in April 2011 at the Royal Alberta Museum. For THREE months, the 21 40″ x 30″ paintings from the book were on display at the RAM; not just illustrating the book, but the beginnings of story, art and collaboration. The exhibit is currently at the Carter-Ryan Gallery in Canmore, Alberta.

Written by Bridget Ryan and Illustrated by Jason Carter


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