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Bunny Knows Best!

We scored an exclusive interview with the to hear about their favorite basket fillers. They reported that some of the things they take into consideration when putting together a great Easter basket are the relation to springtime, the support of local businesses and the joy that the items can bring a person who they are gifted to!

Here are some recommendations straight from the bunny’s mouth that you can find at the Museum Shop!



Bunny Hop Bar1 1
butterfly studs
blue bird plush

Museum Shop (MS) Hello Easter Bunny! Thank you for taking time out of your hopping busy schedule to chat with us.

VIB: Happy to help, I know the Museum has a great fondness and respect for the rabbit folks.

MS: What everyone wants to know…what are your go-to’s for baskets?


1. Have you tried the seasonal flavors by one of the best local chocolatiers Jacek chocolate? They have a new one named after me, The Bunny Hop Bar! It is a perfect blend of milk and white chocolate topped with beautiful pastel coloured sprinkles! Get one while supplies last!


 2. Nothing says spring like butterflies! These adorable studs by Canadian company Pika & Bear may be just the thing to top off any gift basket!

3. Whenever I swing by the Museum Shop, the sound of pretty bird calls is in the air, these are kid-approved toy. They carry a wide selection of birds to help sing into spring!

Baby Bush Bunnies

4. My friend Annette ten Cate asked me to model for these show stoppers and I think she didn’t miss a whisker. She creates such unique and special sculptures showing how wonderful and adorable nature can be-especially in the springtime when baby bunnies are a plenty!

bouquet and birds puzzle
Easter Tawashi
robin pin

5. I hope the snow melts before I do my rounds, but if you need a flower fix before the buds are blooming – pick a puzzle and stay dry indoors. Puzzles are a great pastime for an afternoon family project or an ongoing activity at work. I like to put them in baskets to give the family a quiet afternoon activity once the buzz from chocolate has worn off!


6.I know I love a good spring clean of my burrow. Pick up these funny little bunny and chick scrubbies and add to your seasonal décor.


7. Have you met my friend Crystal? She is a local artist who loves Alberta’s wildlife, she creates brilliant enamel pins of some favorite springtime local creatures. No rabbits yet, but check out the wide selection at the Museum Shop and find one that speaks to you. 

Spring-cleaning is a chance to hit RESET on your life

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.”

― Marie Kondō, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

This inspiring quote is a great place to start your spring-cleaning this year!

Here are five tips and tricks to beginning the rigorous task of creating a cleaner and more functional space:

Start Small

Cleaning a big space (like your whole house in one day) can seem daunting, we suggest starting small. Choose a drawer or a closet and get a quick win in! Maybe decide to clean out that junk drawer in the kitchen, or maybe it is time to donate those clothes that no longer are your style or fit weird. There are so many ways to start small, that will make a big impact once completed and get some momentum going!

Do It For Yourself

It may be helpful to bit of meditation or grounding before you begin your spring-cleaning. Make sure you are donating, cleaning and decluttering because it is something that would make your space more functional or enjoyable for you, not because others are pressuring or trying to convince you of it. It makes a big difference if you want to move forward rather than feeling anxious about it. Stuff not only takes up space in our space, but also in our brain! Focus on all the extra space around you and in your mind and how that might feel.

Discover 'What Brings You Joy'


As Marie Kondo asks: “Does this Spark Joy?” When you begin decluttering, it is great to ask yourself if specific items spark joy in your life. Take your time, touch every item, and gauge your feelings toward the item-if it does not spark joy for you, it may be time to say goodbye to the item and thank it for serving you up to this point.

Find an interesting or eye-catching piece of furniture or a cool item that inspires change

Sometimes we need a kick-start to refreshing our space. One of our favorite things to do (no surprise) is find a new item that will invigorate or refresh a space. It could be that it changes the way you want to design your space or just that it promotes tidying in the area that the item is placed. Either way, this is a great place to start!

salt lamp night light
forbes painting

Freshen Up Your Space

Just say it…FRESH. Feels good, right? Fresh also smells and looks good. Light a yummy candle or pick up some fresh cut flowers from a local florist.

citrine candle 1
IMG 0130

Enjoy the Weather, Whatever it May Be!

Rain, Shine, Snow or Sleet! Springtime in Alberta is a roller coaster of wet and wild. Be prepared for whatever comes our way this spring. Pack an umbrella and a blanket in case you need to hide out from the rain or have a sunny picnic!

southesk umbrella2
salmon blanket 2
iconic canada umbrella

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