May Blog: Long Weekend Camping, Mother’s Day and More!

Great Tips For May Long Weekend Camping

Cheers to everyone ready to camp on May Long weekend! Here in the cold province of Alberta, we are still going to camp even if it ends up being -10. Let’s get prepared for this spring so we are ready to camp, in any condition!

#1 Bundle Up!

Even though us Albertans are used to a chilly environment. We want to avoid freezing our toes off as much as possible. We recommend always packing a few extra pairs of socks in addition to the socks you already packed. You can never have too many socks, and sometimes you’ve got to layer up.

We have brought in great new sock styles by Friday Sock Co. to help combat the chilly feet.

IMG 1287
IMG 1273

#2 Grab Some New Reading Material

Camping is always a great way to kick back and relax. What better way to spend your downtime than with some new reading material. Perhaps books looking at the local flora and fauna would be useful as well as entertaining.

Check out some of our favorite May reads!

geology road tours
the green horse

#3 Try Something New

If you’re an avid camper, you’ll know as well as anyone that it is easy to fall into the same camping activities as always. We recommend branching out and trying a new activity this time. Maybe it is time to try canoeing for the first time, or maybe try something as simple as playing horseshoes with the family. 

Whatever you end up trying, it is sure to make for a different and interesting camping trip!

#4 Pre Plan Your Meals

There is nothing more annoying than trying to figure out what to feed you and your family during a camping trip. You’ll thank yourself later, if you take the time to package and plan your meals before hand. 

And if you are sick of hot dogs and marshmallows, we have some great camping cook books to reference beforehand or during the trip. 

feast by firelight
rocky mountain cooking

#5 Practice Setting Up Your Tent in Advance

After driving all the way to your camping location, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with your tent for hours trying to set it up. Make sure you know how to set up your tent before you leave and try to practice at home if your tend is brand new. 

This is one of our favorite tips because it truly improves the camping experience greatly.

Mother's Day is Coming Up

Mother’s Day is about showing love and appreciation to anyone who you may refer to as your mother. Whoever your mother may be, make sure to pick out something special for them this year.

We have curated a lovely selection of new products that we know mothers will adore.

slate clover hoops
IMG 0629
IMG 0792
IMG 1186

Let's Get Creative for Creative Endeavors Month!

Did you know that May is Creative Endeavors Month? Maybe it is time to pick up a new hobby or maybe it is time to continue with an old one. Whatever you choose, we have got you covered! Check out some of our favorite ways for you or your child to get creative this month!

IMG 0411 1
Raccoon Owl Double Sided Pencil Crayons
fox plush bag
Duchess at Home

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