Cool gifts for cool kids


There’s something so special about the look of excitement kids get when they open gifts. Our shop has all the kids on your list covered with something for every interest so you’re sure to see that look of pure joy on their face.


Stuffed Stegosaurus by Wild Republic

This cute and cuddly little guy is sure to become a regular and reliable companion on little ones’ imaginative prehistoric adventures.

Megalodon Figure by Papo

Your child’s very own prehistoric friend is right here! This PVC megalodon is great for any dino or shark-lover.

Mould and Paint Dinosaurs

Imaginations can run free while kids create their own 3D dinosaurs from scratch, creating their mould and painting it however they see fit!

T-Rex by Wild Republic

This large and in charge dino friend has a soft cuddly side, so it can rule the cretaceous period by day and snuggle up by night.

Crystal Growing Dinosaur

Can’t decide between crystals or dinosaurs? With this gift you don’t have to! Enjoy the magic of growing your own crystals to create a unique terrarium for your little dino friends.

Brachiosaurus by Papo

Brachiosaurus fans will love this miniature replica whether it’s displayed proudly on a shelf or involved in a serious session of dinosaur make-believe.

Hama Beads Dinos

A creative craft that’s perfect for a little dino lover. With an array of patterns to choose from and 2000 beads, the possibilities are nearly endless!


Crystal Hedgehog

Encourage kids to learn about basic science and chemistry as they grow real crystals, and their very own hedgehog pet.

Amazing mineral kit

Kids can learn to explore like a real geologist as they dig up their own very real mineral specimens.


My First Sewing Kit – Penguin

For the kid who loves to craft, help them learn a new skill with this adorable penguin plush sewing kit. They’ll be able to craft themselves a furry friend!

Make your own Pom Pom Pets kit

Did you even know that pom poms could make such adorable pets? Kids can use this kit to put their crafting skills to use and create a handful of fluffy little bundles of fun.

Animal candle making kit

An easy, mess-free candle-making kit for kids – do we need to say more? It’s all the fun of crafting without the cleanup.

Arts + Crafts library

This craft supply library is portable so that art can be made wherever inspiration strikes! It’s a gift that will no doubt engage the imagination and keep small hands busy.

Kidzlab Bubble Science

Discover the exciting science – and fun – of bubbles as you learn and play, creating giant bubbles, frozen bubbles, bubble geometry, and more!


Discovery Telescope

The perfect tool for any young explorer. Whether they’re looking to the sky for their favourite constellation, or in the trees to spot a feathered friend, they’ll be well prepared for any adventure with this telescope by their side.

Biology Kit

I spy – micro-organisms! This introductory microscope kit will help children discover the fascinating world all around us that’s not quite visible to the naked eye.

Night Sky Projection Kit

Bring the brilliance of the night sky inside! Admire the stars and learn constellations right from the comfort of your home.


Amusable Pinecone Plush by Jellycat

Amusable Pinecone is happy to see you! Kooky and cute with soft suede layers, this praline poppet is a woodland wonder.

Audobon Cardinal Plush

This little singing friend makes a great stocking stuffer. Our flock houses over 20 different species to choose from.

Moe Mammoth Stuffie

Our lovable and cuddly mascot Moe would love to follow you home. Moe loves listening to stories, going on adventures, and watching science experiments!

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