Five great holiday gifts for museum lovers

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If you’ve got a museum lover on your shopping list, why not go straight to the source? Whether it’s locally crafted, educational, a work of art, or just plain fun, you’ll be sure to find gifts that will impress in our carefully curated collection.

Museum Nerd Mug

A gift for any true museum nerd. When a trip to the museum just isn’t possible, this mug can serve as its own exhibit with so much to see from museums across the country.

A Funny Thing Happened in the Museum by Davide Cali and Bejamin Chaud

Let your imagination run wild in this delightfully quirky story of one boy’s museum escapade. From volcanoes to dinosaurs and everything in between, this class field trip is a quest of epic proportions!

Alberta Quiltmakers and their Quilts by Lucie Heins 

Discover a new appreciation for all things quilts, and the storied history of quiltmakers throughout Alberta’s history. Lucie Heins, RAM’s Assistant Curator of Daily Life and Leisure, has done the heavy lifting, researching for over a decade, so all you have to do is find a cozy spot to read, perhaps with a quilt of your own.

Goodnight Museum by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper

For the little one who just can’t get enough of museums, this book explores all kinds of museums so they can fall asleep dreaming of their next visit.

The Mysterious Museum Exit Game

This small game packs in all the fun of an escape room from the comfort of your home. Solve clues and puzzles to escape the mysterious museum – if you can!

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