Understanding First Nations: The Legacy of Canadian Colonialism


Understanding First Nations

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Understanding First Nations explains those troubling headlines and issues you have been hearing and reading about recently. So who are First Nations anyway? Why do they claim so much of Canada?  What are the treaties all about and why do we still have an Indian Act? Who is responsible for the alleged mess on the reserves and why isn’t governance working better? Isn’t the residential schools issue far in the past, along with the Sixties Scoop? Why are the prisons full of Indigenous Canadians and why are so many being murdered? What’s the problem with consultations and don’t we throw enough money at them? Maybe removing a few more statues of Sir John A. Macdonald will solve everything. Are myths and ignorance getting in the way? If these questions interest you, then this is an easy-to-read, factual account that will help you Understand First Nations

Written by Ed Whitcomb


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